Transition Zero

Transition Zero is an EU Horizon 2020-funded project, carried out by Energiesprong from 2016-2018, to establish the right market conditions for the wide-scale introduction of net zero energy homes across Europe. This was building on the success of Energiesprong in the Netherlands and advancing its implementation even further. The Transition Zero project completed on 28/2/19.


The aim of Energiesprong is to bring about desirable, viable net-zero energy refurbishment solutions to the mass market by 2020. Energiesprong transforms neighbourhoods and enhances people’s quality of life. Amongst other projects, Energiesprong carries out the Transition Zero project which is funded by the European Commission under its Horizon 2020 programme. 

What is a Net Zero Energy house?

A Net Zero Energy house generates as much energy as is needed for the house and household appliances.

  • Representatives from over 20 organisations attended the Transition Zero Conference in Brussels on 29th November. The event, titled Energiesprong model and long-term renovation strategies in the EU, marked the close of the Transition Zero project of 2016-2018. Speakers reported on progress, successes and challenges related......

  • Since its launch in 1980 the Right to Buy scheme in the UK has delivered some two million homes from the public into the private sector. As a consequence of this process of steady privatisation it is challenging for UK social housing providers to deliver......

  • On Thursday 29th November, Housing Europe will host an international conference in Brussels to mark the end of the three year Transition Zero project. Titled ‘The Energiesprong model and long term renovation strategies in the EU’, this one day event brings together an invited audience......

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