Transition Zero

Transition Zero is an EU Horizon 2020-funded project, carried out by Energiesprong, to establish the right market conditions for the wide-scale introduction of net zero energy homes across Europe. This will build on the success of Energiesprong in the Netherlands and advance its implementation even further.


The aim of Energiesprong is to bring about desirable, viable net-zero energy refurbishment solutions to the mass market by 2020. Energiesprong transforms neighbourhoods and enhances people’s quality of life. Amongst other projects, Energiesprong carries out the Transition Zero project which is funded by the European Commission under its Horizon 2020 programme. 

What is a Net Zero Energy house?

A Net Zero Energy house generates as much energy as is needed for the house and household appliances.

  • Energiesprong uk is a partner in the Zero Energy Buildings Catalyst (ZEBCat) project which is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund. With a total project budget of just below £2.5m, of which £1.m is ERDF grant, the six partner organisations will deliver 15 net......

  • This position will direct the work of the Energiesprong UK market development team of around eight people, mainly working on two EU-funded projects – Transition Zero and E=0.  Working in a non-hierarchical structure, the post holder will ensure strategic direction and alignment of the other......

  • On 8 March 2017, Housing Europe hosted an event on renovations in the social housing sector and what is needed to get our homes future ready. The day focused on the essential skills and innovative solutions needed for a fair energy transition. Sébastien Delpont from......

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