Towards a market for E=0 retrofit in social housing

On 8 March 2017, Housing Europe hosted an event on renovations in the social housing sector and what is needed to get our homes future ready. The day focused on the essential skills and innovative solutions needed for a fair energy transition.

Sébastien Delpont from Energiesprong France gave the keynote speech on the innovative and ambitious approach that Energiesprong offers to kick start deep energy retrofit in the social housing sector.  He explained how Transition Zero illustrates the need for a holistic approach to renovation that brings together different sectors and how the project is working to develop the necessary financial, regulatory, technical frameworks. A copy of his presentation can be downloaded here.

It was an inspiring day showcasing a wide range of examples of international cooperation that are unfolding across Europe, solutions that pave the way for the large scale uptake of tools and strategies for the modernisation of the EU housing stock.