Transition Zero renovations quickly gain ground

Transition Zero is stimulating deep energy efficiency retrofits in the United Kingdom, France and the Netherlands by replicating the successful Dutch Energiesprong scheme. Energiesprong reduces retrofit time to one week by using standardised procedures and pre-fabricated modules and the latest energy. The renovation packages, which result in near net-zero energy homes, are intended to drive process innovation in the construction sector, create new business models for social housing and develop procurement strategies. The plan is for at least 200 houses to be renovated to the Energiesprong standard, with commitments signed for an additional 20,000, by the end of the project in December 2018. Progress against these targets is very encouraging.

The Netherlands

The Dutch market is developing quickly with thousands of houses refurbished to date and many other projects under development. Under the Transition Zero project, social housing provider Elkien in Friesland signed a major contract with three large building companies in January 2017 for 15,000 Energiesprong renovations to be completed by 2030. One of the areas for redevelopment is in Leeuwarden where there the plan is to get to 1,000 Energiesprong retrofits a year.

Further details on this contract are available here

A further 3,000 Energiesprong refurbishments are under or close to contract and 7,500 properties were already committed by nine social housing front runners before the Transition Zero started in February 2016.


Good progress is also being made in the UK. While the first Energiesprong retrofit is yet to be completed, nine units have been commissioned by Nottingham City Homes with target completion in autumn 2017. A Transition Zero international partner meeting will take place in Nottingham in October 2017 and include a site visit of these works.

Other highlights include:

  • 45 units contracted within the next three months with a range of London-based social housing providers
  •  230 units with outline budget approval, pending a grant decision
  • Plans to scaling up with 12 housing partners already committed to demonstrators to deliver 2,400refurbishments
  • Recruiting additional housing partners to build 1,000 demonstrators
  • Enter Scotland as a new market with different funding and policy conditions to build 1,000 units



42 dwellings are contracted for Energiesprong refurbishments in France and due for completion in February and March 2018. There is also a tender call for 960 social housing units.

Three social housing organisations have contracted for separate developments of 10, 12 and 4 properties due for completion by March 2018. An invitation to tender has been published for 960 social housing units in the Lyon region. Contract award will be mid-2018 and contract completion 2019.


570 Energiesprong refurbishments have taken place to date at July 2017, nearly three times the target of 200 set when the Transition Zero project was planned. Contracts have been placed for a further 15,051 Energiesprong refurbishments, of which 51 are in the developing markets of the UK and France. With many further projects under procurement, we are confident of exceeding our project targets for both delivery and contracting.