Dutch tenant shares his experience of Energiesprong refurbishment

Housing association Woonborg and construction company Dijkstra Draisma renovated 33 houses in Rhoden, a village close to Groningen in the north of the Netherlands. Mr Henk Dijkhuizen, who has been living and raising a family in one of these homes since 1971, took a close interest in the project and this video tells his story.

Forty five years on the houses were in great need of renovation and Woonborg opted for a net zero energy approach. Mr Dijkhuizen, who was particularly keen on having an electric cooker installed, followed the development process closely.

Happily ever after
Mr Dijkhuizen and his wife are incredibly happy with the renovation:
“It actually exceeded our expectations.”
“The modifications have given us a really comfortable lifestyle. My wife has told me she wants to live here for many years to come and of course I agree because we have a really nice home here.”