Energiesprong Netherlands Visit

On 19 and 20 September 2017, the Dutch Energiesprong team held a 2-day event to share their expertise with UK suppliers and major contractors. The trip was designed to offer an insight into successful Energiesprong projects in the Netherlands and for this to inform the UK approach.

Day One of the trip included a site visit to successfully renovated Energiesprong homes in Utrecht, De Wierslaan. Visitors were given a tour of the completed properties to gain a clearer understanding of the Energiesprong solution in practice. This was followed by a visit to the new build project site where the Energiesprong approach has evolved beyond housing retrofit to encompass brand new housing developments.

Ron van Erck, Head of International Market Development, opened the second day with a presentation detailing the business case for Energiesprong alongside procurement and development opportunities. The remainder of the morning was comprised of a tour of the Factory Zero factory in Tiel where energy modules are manufactured. Presentations were delivered by the Factory Zero team to offer an insight into the manufacturing process and how this could be transferred to the UK market.











Netherlands Visit Slide Deck PDF

The afternoon was devoted to a number of workshops which explored monitoring, testing and performance guarantees for the Energiesprong model. Opportunities were given for clients to ask questions and develop an idea of how the approach might be implemented in line with their own requirements.


Those who attended the event sought an understanding of the technical aspects and commercial implications of Energiesprong, as well as an opportunity to see the approach in action. The trip resulted in increased knowledge and continued partnership with suppliers. Feedback from the event was positive, with visitors expressing a desire to further assess opportunities for UK projects and attend future Energiesprong study events.

Energiesprong UK will be holding further events in October and November to showcase the development of UK projects.

Contact Richard Beevers at Richard.Beevers@energiesprong.uk for more information.