Energiesprong into action!

Some 50 international partners of Energiesprong gathered in Nottingham, UK during 24 and 25 October 2017 to share good practice and discuss the development of the Energiesprong concept.  Energiesprong Market Development Teams from the UK, Netherlands, France and Germany were joined by suppliers and housing associations to showcase the Energiesprong approach to housing retrofit and new build.

Day one covered ongoing projects surrounding procurement, deliverables, and the Energiesprong business case.


The morning featured discussions on developing a housing manual to create the ideal customer journey from board vision to day-to-day tenant reality.


Delegates then visited ten demonstrator Energiesprong houses commissioned by Nottingham City Homes in the Sneinton area of


Nottingham.  This site, a UK first, was a hive of activity with delegates observing cranes swinging large insulation panels into place.  The briefing focused on tenants


Back at the conference venue David Orr, CEO of the UK’s National Housing Federation UK, delivered a thought-provoking presentation in which he discussed the importance of engaging housing associations on the basis of comfort and energy efficiency. Julien Dijol, Deputy Secretary-General of Housing Europe, followed up by explaining how the Energiesprong approach can raise housing standards in Europe.


The day concluded with interactive sessions on project monitoring, evaluation and a progress update on project deliverables.


Ron van Erck, Head of International Development Energiesprong, opened day two with a thorough explanation of monitoring protocols followed by inspirational sessions from various countries on stakeholder engagement.


Delegates made a second visit to the Nottingham City Homes demonstrator houses this time focusing on construction management with opportunities for detailed discussions with the solution provider.


Want to hear more from David Orr? Watch our interview with him on the day here!

See the full slide deck for the day below:

Energiesprong into Action! TZ Slides

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