Energiesprong is a journey, not a destination. Come and join us!

Over the last five years Energiesprong has developed from a simple idea for improving homes to an international movement which is delivering thousands of net zero homes in five countries and two continents. It’s been an incredible journey with many twists and turns along the way. Everyone involved – housing providers, suppliers and residents – has learned many lessons and these are now being brought together in a single publication, the Energiesprong Partner Journey.

The Energiesprong Partner Journey will help those already involved in Energiesprong projects and those yet to join us in delivering great net zero homes. We have gathered together the experience of all those involved and mapped out, step by step, how to build an Energiesprong programme – from first thoughts through to living in an Energiesprong home.

The Energiesprong approach is both a deceptively simple deep retrofit financing model and also a unique challenge to long held assumptions about refurbishment and new build. Fundamentally our belief is that sustainable home improvement requires a new and radical approach, nothing less than a reinvention of the existing market.

The Journey outlines the six key steps in steps in Energiesprong projects – Visioning, Assessing, Planning, Matching, Constructing and Living. Extensive guidance is given for each step including the critical success factors, the key skills needed, the people who should be involved and the resources required to support a project.

The international partners have come together to create the core elements of the journey and then each country has applied their local circumstances and challenges. While Energiesprong projects are recognisable across borders, each is shaped to suit local requirements and circumstances.

This is just the beginning of the journey. We learn as the movement grows, developing new approaches for homes and taking new opportunities as they arise. Energiesprong’s principles can be applied across many different markets and building types, for example owned or rented homes, schools and offices.

Please join us on the Energiespring journey!