Guidance on regulatory frameworks

Work Package 3 is about enabling regulation – possibilities within the existing regulatory framework in each country and improvements to accelerate market uptake of E=0 solutions. The objectives of this work package are: Identifying areas where regulatory barriers may need to be addressed before the concept can be implemented at a very large scale. Recommendations for improving the regulatory frameworks and creating regulatory support for E=0 energy refurbishment solutions (energy retail, building regulation, technical requirements, energy plan recovery). Part of this is a detailed guidance, on a country by country basis, on what can (and what cannot) be delivered as part of an E=0 deep refurbishment package taking into account national (and in some cases regional or local) regulations. The project aims to create an industry standard across Europe for Energiesprong refurbishments.

Download deliverable 3.2 Guidance on what is delivered as part of an E=0 deep refurbishment package