Now available: detailed Energiesprong guide for Housing Associations in France

Energiesprong France has written a detailed guide for French social housing providers. This will help housing associations interested in the Energiesprong approach with the implementation of zero energy long term guaranteed retrofits.

Energiesprong in France

The Energiesprong approach adapted in France is based on the following demanding specifications:

  • Guaranteed zero energy level over 30 years, thanks to improved energy efficiency and local production of renewable energy;
  • An investment paid back by energy savings and maintenance over 30 years, with no financial impact on the tenants;
  • Work done in a week without tenants having to leave their homes thanks to the use of high quality prefabricated elements and 3D scanning;
  • Attractive, comfortable and future-proofed housing, with remodelled kitchens and/or bathrooms integrated into the programme of works.

Keys steps of an Energiesprong retrofit

Given the ambitious specifications, the way of working is quite different from a regular retrofit. This document explains the key steps of an Energiesprong retrofit; from the understanding the approach and the feasibility study to the completion of the renovation and management of housing once renovated.

The guide aims to:

  • help housing associations looking to renovate their housing stock to the Energiesprong standard;
  • provide manufacturers and solution providers with the necessary data so that they can prepare tailored responses to Energiesprong tenders;
  • reveal the key success factors for an Energiesprong retrofit to any stakeholder interested in the approach.

If you are interested in reading the guide (in French) go to the French website, submit your details and you will be able to download it.