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Transition Zero Conference: Energiesprong model and long term renovation strategies in the EU

On Thursday 29th November, Housing Europe will host an international conference in Brussels to mark the end of the three year Transition Zero project. Titled ‘The Energiesprong model and long term renovation strategies in the EU’, this one day event brings together an invited audience that includes European social housing membership organisations and policy makers.

Dutch, French and British Energiesprong Market Development Team leaders will share their Transition Zero results, successes, challenges and the new opportunities they now see for innovation in the renovation of buildings. Transition Zero began in 2016. This 3-year Horizon 2020-funded project has supported work to establish the right market conditions for volume net zero energy retrofits by adapting the successful Dutch model to the United Kingdom and France.

Recent Transition Zero achievements include the announcement of a collective agreement in France. As a result of this a total of 64 stakeholders are now committed to retrofitting 6,550 homes. Solution and component providers are industrialising to bring down costs and increase quality. Furthermore, inspired by Energiesprong, a 10M€ R&D project is now underway to deliver integrated retrofit solutions more suited to France.

The first Energiesprong pilots in the UK and France are now complete. Residents continue to pay the same amount or less than before the renovation, despite the dramatic improvements that have transformed their hard to heat homes into desirable, comfortable affordable homes for life.

This project conference will summarise how the successful growth of Energiesprong can be achieved faced with different local political, economic and regulatory pressures.

The event is organised by Housing Europe and supported by the European Commission through the Transition Zero project which is part of the Horizon 2020 programme. For further information, please see the conference programme.