Transition Zero has partners in the UK, France and Netherlands that will work collectively to align and create conducive market conditions and then challenge the construction sector to develop new solutions for the delivery of net zero energy homes.

NEF (National Energy Foundation)

Independent, national charity focused on improving the use of energy in buildings


Non-for-profit market development team that created deal to refurbish 111,000
houses to Net Zero Energy levels in NL


Sustainable development services designer and provider. Holding the market development team for EnergieSprong in France

National Housing Federation (NHF)

Representing English social housing associations; 2.9 million houses

Union Social Habitat (USH)

Representing French social housing associations; 4.5 million houses


Representing Dutch social housing associations; 2.3 million houses

Finance Ideas

Financial consultant developing financing solutions for Dutch housing

Centre Scientifique & Technologique du Bâtiment (CSTB)

National Scientific and Technological building centre

Le Pôle Fibres-Energivie (Fibener)

Non-profit French centre for competitiveness in buildings and energy

Housing Europe (HOE)

European Federation of Public, Cooperative and Social Housing, 43 members
in 18 EU Members States represent management of 25 million dwellings (12% of
total EU housing stock)